Tips on How to Manage High Blood Pressure

In Partnership with the American Heart Association

If you have high blood pressure, managing it can seem daunting. Learn five easy steps to help keep it under control, brought to you by the American Heart Association and Coricidin® HBP.

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Where to Begin

  1. One of the keys to managing your blood pressure is to know your numbers. The AHA recommended normal blood pressure is less than 120/80 mm Hg, however, your healthcare provider can assist you in determining your personal target.

  2. Keeping a good relationship with your healthcare provider is essential, as they can become more personally familiar with your health and medical history. Healthcare providers who know you best often understand nuances of your health and can help you make a personalized blood pressure management plan.

  3. Changing how you live, eat, and exercise can be a crucial part of managing your blood pressure.

    Here are some keys to making vital lifestyle changes:

    • Maintain a healthy weight with a mass index, or BMI, between 18.5 and 24.9.
    • Eat healthier with a diet of fruits, veggies, low-fat dairy, and less saturated and trans fats.
    • Reduce your sodium intake. Stay under 1500 mg a day, if possible.
    • Engage in an average of 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity, 3 or 4 times a week, to help lower your blood pressure. Talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program.
    • Limit your alcohol consumption.
  4. Check your blood pressure often, and come to learn what is normal for you, and when it begins to rise or lower.

  5. Remember to take your medications exactly as prescribed.

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With these five simple tips, you can begin to manage your high blood pressure. And remember, when cold or flu symptoms hit, Coricidin® HBP provides fast, powerful relief without raising your blood pressure. It's tough on your cold symptoms, not on your blood pressure.

With knowledge from Coricidin HBP® and the American Heart Association, you'll be ready to take steps towards managing your blood pressure.


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